A Letter From a Happy Patriot Homeowner

Weathering the Storm

Needless to say, being x thousands of miles away from my home on the Texas coast while stationed here in Baghdad, I spent a sleepless night a couple of Fridays ago when Hurricane Ike was about to roll thru the Houston-Galveston area. My brother was able to make it out to my place on Saturday evening after the storm had rolled thru. Amazingly, not a SINGLE scratch on my 2006 Patriot home...not even a missing shingle! On top of that, all my animals/livestock were well & accounted for. I just wanted to thank you & Patriot Homes for building a good, solid product. After seeing all the photos depicting damage from the storm, it was almost unbelievable that my place survived unscathed. I guess "God takes care of Soldiers & fools." Thanks again...

Best Regards,
Lt. Col. Bill Gazis, USA

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