Would You Live in a Mobile Home or Trailer Park?

Words can be such powerful things. Every time I hear "trailer park" or "mobile home" I cringe - mostly because of the stereotypes that go along with these two phrases. I've become intrigued lately with land lease communities - the beautiful areas that factory built housing can be sited and you lease the land that your home sits on. Many of these communities have pools, golf courses, clubhouses - everything you need for resort style living. Plus many of these are in dramatic locations such as Oceanside, near ski slopes or in the mountains in areas you could never afford.

Today's factory built housing hardly resembles the mobile homes of yesteryear - the only constant is that they both arrive on wheels. Factory built homes are built to national specifications, and are built to last using the same products that are found in most site built homes. The biggest difference I tend to see is that factory built homes usually offer more cabinets and counter space in the kitchens and baths!

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you as I discover some of the finest land lease communities, and I'm hoping to be working on some Lifestylist® Designed Homes just for these communities as well.

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