Partnership Marketing

preserve-zoo-269preserve-dining-265preserve-zoo-270I just got back from installing a new model home, model apartment and clubhouse in Upstate NY and thought I'd share how it turned out. This client is a wonderful innovative, market-driven builder and developer and is always looking for something in his communities to create a memory point and set his homes apart. These homes were a great example of how we work together.

Riedman Development is very involved in the community - especially the Seneca Park Zoo which is one of the best run small zoos in the country. To play up the zoo we created a child's room that focused on the zoo and animal conservation complete with graphics that played up the zoo's animals and logo. The kids bath was a "penguin palace" which featured one of the favorite exhibits at the zoo. We also geared the buyer profile so that the wife was a volunteer at  the zoo and we have marketing materials from the zoo in her home office. The builder plans on having some fundraisers for the zoo at the home. As is the case with most of us these days, budgets were a huge concern so this model was done "recycling" furniture and accessories from the builders previous models to keep costs down.

Timber Banks which was the community with the clubhouse and apartment model was designed to introduce visitors to the builder who was new to this market and let them know about the amazing features this community and location have to offer. The community sits on the Banks of the Seneca River and has it's own enclosed harbor. Within a 1 to 3 hour drive, you can experience the Adirondack Mountains, the Thousand Islands, and Finger Lakes wine country. Lakes Ontario, Onondaga and Oneida as well as the Erie Canal provide true sailing and boating opportunities on a grand scale. To play this up we focused in on the antique boats that you can see cruising down the river, and the Antique Boat Museum which is nearby. Furnishings and decor were geared to show the lifestyle and quality that people coming to the community would experience.

Making a project memorable and helping to stimulate sales is what we do best. Incorporating the lifestyle of the buyers is what being a Lifestylist is all about, and the Lifestylist Design difference.