Defining FEMA Trailer

It seems like FEMA trailer is a term that won't be missing from our vocabularies for quite awhile, but what truly is a FEMA trailer?

When the media discusses FEMA trailers it seems to be trying to lead the public into believing that that the manufactured homes built to house survivors of Katrina and Rita are the issue, but the facts are showing that the issues coming to light are with the RV's that most survivors were housed in, not the manufactured homes.

This Lifestylist® has visited the affected areas and has seen how many RVs are housing people vs manufactured homes, it's hard to believe that people are still being housed in recreational vehicles that were never meant (or tested) to be used as long term housing.

One of the great things about Manufactured Housing is that besides the homes being built in climate controlled,under roof facilities, they are also built to very strict national codes dictated by HUD.

Patriot Homes is a great example of a home builder doing the right thing, and offers great design, quality and value quickly and efficiently. Check them out and be prepared to change yoru opinion of manufactured housing!

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