Fair Time!

As much as I love Summer, it sure feels great to have a little bit cooler weather and know that fair season is almost here. I am a fair junkie - I had met my husband at the Erie County Fair in Buffalo, NY when we were both showing horses, and now The State Fair of Texas is my home away from home when September comes.

Patriot retailers also are fair lovers, and love to use that opportunity to show the public what great houses Patriot builds and what a value they are. I've just finished working on a house with Woodlund Homes in Minnesota, and I can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

Woodlund will be exhibiting at The Minnesota State Fair which is held in St Paul, MN from August 21 - Labor Day this year. The fair attracts over 1 million visitors each year and besides getting to go and see this beautiful home you'll be able to see The Backstreet Boys in concert, and eat to your hearts content!

This is Woodlund's 10th year to exhibit, and this year they are taking a beautiful modular home that features an Evolution stainless steel kitchen, amazing master suite, tile, and a beautiful corner fireplace to keep you warm on those chilly Minnesota evenings.

Be sure to make a point to visit this great fair and tour this beautiful home - it's one you won't want to miss!

Brenco Homes will also be taking a Patriot Home to the Heart of Texas Fair which will be October 2 - 11, 2008. I have been involved in merchandising their fair home for the last 4 years and can't wait to get started on this one! Gary and the guys always do things right, and if you can't wait until October to see what they have to offer be sure to stop by their retail center which is located at the front of the Patriot Homes of Texas location.

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