Cavco Leads The Way in Tucson

As a Lifestylist®, I spend a lot of time researching design trends and what's available in the market. This week I was fortunate enough to spend time in Arizona working with Thermador on some kitchen and appliance trends, and I was also able to reconnect with some of the incredible team that used to be at Patriot Homes. Not only did it remind me why I love Arizona so much, but it also made me appreciate how lucky I've been to work with such amazing people.

When I was in Tucson I stopped by the Cavco Retail Center, and I think I found my dream home! What a great example of what can be achieved with factory built housing - great exterior, tall ceiling heights, stainless steel appliances, and great use of tile. And skylights! Natural light is so important, and this home had plenty of it because of the transom windows, skylights and window placement.

What really sold me though was the porches - one in the front and one off of the master suite. I already imagine myself enjoying mountain sunrises and sunsets from these great spaces. I am seriously going to start looking for the right lot again, and considering my dream home in Arizona that will definitely be a factory built home.

With all of the speaking I do about the Lifestylist® revolution and great design, I'm really looking forward to using photos of this home to show site builders and consumers how much can be accomplished in a factory setting. Great job Cavco!

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